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So, you want to sell your house in the Omaha area? When would you like to move?

Go ahead, choose your own adventure!

Alright! Let's sell your house!

Onward to new beginnings! Here's some helpful info to help you get started.

Sellers: Why hire a Realtor®?

It’s best to hire an agent who belongs to the National Association of Realtors, so you can be sure that she is bound by a Code of Ethics. Don’t be afraid to interview a few Realtors. I've prepared 10 Questions to Ask Potential Realtors to help you grill them before you hire the right one.‍


What’s the house selling process?

Your house-selling homework just got easier. I’ve put together a handy list to show you what you can expect when considering selling your house. It’s like a cheat sheet. The process can be complicated if your agent isn’t organized and well established. These steps will help you understand the main steps, so you can prepare. Simplifying the process for you is kinda my thing.


Are you prepared to sell your house?

Even if this isn’t your first time selling a house, it wouldn’t hurt to know that you’ve got everything covered before putting your house up for sale. The more you prepare, the less opportunity there will be for bumps along the way. Don’t worry, I’m going to help you every step of the way. I want your experience to be as easy as possible and memorable in a good way. A good starting point is for me to provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis of your property. Contact me for a no-obligation Market Analysis of your house.


Not quite ready to sell yet? Here are some helpful tips to start planning ahead.

With so many reasons for selling a house, maybe your timeline has some wiggle room and time for more planning. If you don’t feel ready to put your house up for sale quite yet, don’t worry. Now is a great time to start interviewing agents (e’hem.. don’t forget to call me!) to see who is a good fit for you. Just let them know that you are not quite ready, and if they’re good, they’ll help you prepare. Keep reading for out my preparation tips for selling your house.


Helpful Hints for Moving

Moving draws in a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, the excitement of something new and different. A new chapter. But the process is easily underestimated. Let's plan ahead to keep the stress of moving away. Keep reading for helpful hints on preparing for a move.


10 Questions to ask potential Realtors (for Sellers)

The process of buying a home can be a full-time job, so hiring a Realtor to do the heavy lifting for you can really be a huge benefit. Realtors have access to resources the public does not, so they can help you get the best price for your house in the least amount of time. When getting started, it’s best to find an agent who belongs to the National Association of Realtors and bound by a Code of Ethics.

Why list your house with Aubrey?

Realtor turned friend

When you buy or sell a home, you’re stuck with your agent for at least 30 days, so you might as well like the person you hire! 83% of my sales are from repeat clients or referrals from those in my circles, so I love that most of my clients have become great friends who trust me to help those they know.

Empathetic to your experience

Isn’t moving the worst?! Even when everything goes perfectly, moving can still be so stressful. Here’s what helps: knowing what to expect. I’ll educate you every step of the way to make this move as great as it can be.

Creative negotiation, so you get the best deal

Contracts are tricky, and there are several points of negotiation that occur even after a deal is struck. I think ahead and minimize, or even eliminate, the negotiating power of the other side so you get the best deal.

Ego-free (or at least greatly reduced) experience

It’s not about me, and guess what? I realize that. I’m here for you.

Great Rolodex of contractors

I’ve kissed a ton of contractor frogs to get to the great list of people I have today, and I’m proud to refer you to the best of the best. Count on me to refer you to honest, hard-working, and fairly-priced people to help you with that anything-that-needs-fixing list.

Experienced Realtor since 2006

I managed to sell a whopping 3 homes my first year in real estate because I was afraid of my shadow, but now I love what I do, and after selling over 650 homes, I think this whole real estate thing is working out for me.

Easy for other realtors to work with

Remember the reduced ego thing above? Well, it helps to get along with other agents and encourages a smoother deal. No agent wants to work with the realtors who label themselves as pit bulls or unyielding. I’ve maintained respectful and solid relationships with other local agents (veterans and rookies alike), so I can perform on the best platform for your benefit.

Part of the fastest-growing brokerage in Omaha

I am honored to be invited to work with Better Homes & Gardens | The Good Life Group. We celebrate having the highest production per agent in the city, and it’s a privilege to rub elbows with some of the best real estate talent in the metro area.

Seller Client Reviews

Perfect transaction, zero complications/surprises. The Zillow rating scale only goes to five and that's the only reason Aubrey doesn't get more stars. That's just not how math works. Fortunately, among literally everything we discussed with Aubrey, math is one of the many things which she knows well: contracts, inspections, what needs to be done and what isn't a big issue, market value, punctuality (HUGE points,) responsiveness, and being an overall outstanding, kind person. We are remote sellers and sold this home from several hours away. Zero issues. If you've met Aubrey for more than a single minute, you're confident she will handle your transaction perfectly. (Honestly, I bet several of you have already left your 5-star reviews to make sure the rest of Omaha has their head screwed on straight.) Quit thinking about it. Quit using your 'family friend' who was almost-but-not-quite on the practice squad and fell into real estate because they thought they knew everyone. Hire this woman. Hire this realtor.
Jesse and Kassie B.
Home Seller
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