About Aubrey

Things you didn't know you wanted to know about a person.

Gabbing about myself is awkward. But, since you asked, I'll be awkward for you.

Have you ever waited tables? I think everyone should. I was a server and bartender for 10 years, and during that time, I learned several things: listen, anticipate what people need before they know they need it, be kind, and provide excellent customer service. Those things create relationships and repeat clients.

Starting a real estate career in 2006 was scary. How would I learn everything I needed to be an advocate for my clients… and how do I get clients? Every day I woke up as an unemployed independent contractor. So, I decided to become a sponge. I followed all of the experienced Realtors I respected and learned as much as I could. I remembered everything I learned as a server, and things started to click. It took time and A LOT of hard work.

I became a student of many, but a follower of few and was lucky enough to work for some amazing clients (including a few who didn’t mind that I brought my 6-week old first-born along for showings since I couldn’t afford daycare). Every experience selling a home helped me sharpen my skills and become better. Now, my 6-week old baby is going on 18 (not really, but it feels like she’s growing way too fast), and she has a little sister to keep my life interesting and full of belly laughs.

I’m well into my second decade with the career I couldn’t imagine being without and I now see every day as an opportunity to meet a new client-soon-to-turn-into-a-friend and help someone find their next new chapter. I’m so excited to help you with your next move. Feel free to bring your 6-week old or 18-year old to our first meeting.

Where have you lived?

I grew up in Huntley, Wyoming. The first school I attended only went to the fourth grade. My parents thought I may need a bit more education, so we moved to Scottsbluff, Nebraska when I turned ten.

What advice would you give to a buyer or seller?

I can't stress this enough: Interview several Realtors. There is a difference in the level of service and knowledge of the market with every real estate agent. Plus, you're going to be stuck with this person until the sale is complete, so make sure you can at least get along with him/her.

If I wasn't a Realtor, I'd...

Work with Girls Inc. This awesome organization "inspires young women to be strong, smart, and bold" by creating an environment that empowers young ladies to succeed. If you'd like to learn more about Girls Inc., visit www.girlsinc.org

Best advice you've received?

“Be so busy working on your own grass that you don’t notice if your neighbor's is greener.” I’m lucky. I have great friends and two healthy, smart little girls. Who cares what car I drive or how much my shoes cost? No one. Life is good.

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Well enough about me, call me so we can have a good ol' fashioned conversation. I'd love to help you.