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I love my job. I love being able to help my clients get to their next destination while creating some great memories along the way! I’m grateful for their kind words.

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We love Aubrey! This is the 2nd home we have purchased with her because she is beyond amazing. She literally works day and night because she knows you're not just searching for a house but for a HOME. She takes the time to get to know everyone in the family - even asks the kiddos what they're looking for in home. She is by far the kindest and most genuine person we've ever met. The only sad thing about buying a home with Aubrey is we don't get to see her smiling face as much anymore. :)

Sheilla and Andrew W. and kids

Both Buyer + Seller
I used to think I was kind by only expecting of others what I expect of myself. However, my sister recently said to me, “Well you’re a perfectionist, so that’s really not kind to others”. And, well, she does have a point. In spite of this fact, Aubrey consistently exceeds my expectations! I just completed my third real estate transaction with Aubrey. She is simply stated: THE BEST. Aubrey is an EXPERT in real estate. It is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable agent. It saves you time, money and heart ache. Aubrey knows the market, homes, and agents. Most importantly she knows how to advocate for your best interests in both the selling and buying transactions. She is a Rockstar! When I began my search for my most recent home purchase, it was the dead of winter. A house came on the market that I was interested in seeing, but it was absolutely freezing outside and I needed to get gas. I wasn’t willing to pump gas in negative degree weather just to see a house, so I asked Aubrey if we could look at it the next afternoon. She was concerned it may not still be available in 24 hours, so she came and picked me up. Talk about service! She is always looking out for her clients best interest. Anyone who has bought or sold a house before knows that the work is not done at closing. There are always random questions or concerns that pop up after the transaction is completed. I experienced an issue with the escrow on my previous home, and Aubrey tackled that issue on my behalf and stayed with it until it was resolved. This wasn't her responsibility - but she cares so much about her clients that she always goes the extra mile. Aubrey, I adore you! Thank you so much for your partnership on this journey. PS: She also loves Reese’s peanut butter cups and goldfish crackers….so she’s kind of soul mate material.

Rachel S.

Both Buyer + Seller
We love Aubrey! She helped us sell our home when we moved from Omaha 6 years ago and she just helped us buy our new home when we recently moved back to Omaha. She truly goes above and beyond from showing us homes via FaceTime, doing the final walk through via FaceTime turning on and off anything that had a botton or valve, and leaving us with a goody bag for when moving into our new home. She helped us pick a home that is truly meant for us and we couldn't be happier. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Aubrey.

Melissa and Matt M.

Both Buyer + Seller
Are you looking for a realtor who is super awesome? What about a realtor who really knows a lot about houses? I’m sure you want one who is hilarious and actually a pleasure to be around, right? Well, keep looking. NAH, just kidding, Aubrey is the one that you want, the one you need, the one you’ve been dreaming of (secretly of course). Aubrey is organized, knowledgeable, kind, caring and fun. We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor to sell and buy with. She lays everything out for you, is honest about what she sees in your home to sell and in the homes you’re looking at to buy. The people she works with are wonderful too. I just cannot say enough good things about this human. Hire her, you won’t regret it.

Jamie W. and Matt B.

Both Buyer + Seller
Perfect transaction, zero complications/surprises. The Zillow rating scale only goes to five and that's the only reason Aubrey doesn't get more stars. That's just not how math works. Fortunately, among literally everything we discussed with Aubrey, math is one of the many things which she knows well: contracts, inspections, what needs to be done and what isn't a big issue, market value, punctuality (HUGE points,) responsiveness, and being an overall outstanding, kind person. We are remote sellers and sold this home from several hours away. Zero issues. If you've met Aubrey for more than a single minute, you're confident she will handle your transaction perfectly. (Honestly, I bet several of you have already left your 5-star reviews to make sure the rest of Omaha has their head screwed on straight.) Quit thinking about it. Quit using your 'family friend' who was almost-but-not-quite on the practice squad and fell into real estate because they thought they knew everyone. Hire this woman. Hire this realtor.

Jesse and Kassie B.

Aubrey is a unicorn. A genuine, salt-of-the-earth human being, more fun than a (pre-Covid) Saturday night out, and *incredibly* talented at what she does. And what she does is sell the heck out of houses. My wife and I decided to move out of state in a pandemic. We were already under contract on our new home in Colorado before we even listed our Omaha house. Mildly stressful... I'm not even being facetious, working with Aubrey made the whole thing almost pleasant. Her market knowledge, realtor and buyer network, and immense digital Rolodex of contractors and others were invaluable. Our house sold, for cash, in 36 hours. We had three offers in that timeframe, all for above asking, and wouldn't have gotten the best one had it not been for Aubrey's insistence that a better offer was on the way. She can't see the future--as far as I know--but she does know just about everyone in the real estate game and that literally pays. Real Estate is like playing the guitar, a lot of people can pick it up and play a couple of chords. Aubrey's chops are up there with Eddie Van Halen (RIP), she's a true real estate virtuoso.

Alex and Anne M.

We are experienced homeowners and investors who have bought and sold multiple properties. When it was time to dip our toes into the Omaha market, our very experienced realtor in Austin, TX researched and recommended Aubrey. Aubrey was a godsend! She is one of the best we have ever worked with. She is knowledgeable about the market and works diligently to find exactly what you are looking for. She works hard for you and is very responsive and keeps the line of communication flowing constantly. She is not only a great realtor, she is a great friend! If you choose Aubrey, know that you have chosen the best, hands down.

Kathlene B. and Khanh N.

Aubrey is amazing. I met with her six months before I started looking at houses so she could give me worst case scenario financial information on what I’d need to have to be competitive in this market. She willingly sat down with me and went over everything even though she knew I wasn’t ready to start looking. I kept my eye on the market for several months and saved up the money I would need. When I was ready to seriously start looking, she took me through houses from top to bottom and educated me on everything to look for that most people would gloss over. Her knowledge and expertise was amazing, and I’m glad she was willing to show me all the problems a house might have that I probably wouldn’t have spotted. When I found the home I loved, she was ready to go for helping me put in an offer. There were several other offers on the home, and ultimately the sellers chose our offer because their realtor knew Aubrey and respected her so much. Aubrey was the difference maker for me. I truly believe had I found my dream house with any other realtor, it would’ve gone to someone else. I can’t say enough good things about her. If you’re choosing someone other than Aubrey for your real estate needs, you’re doing it wrong.

Kayla H

Aubrey is the GOAT. She's personable and friendly but always professional. Super knowledgeable about real estate and home trends, and excellent at explaining these things - a huge plus for first-time homebuyers like us. It's her mission to ensure your experience goes as smoothly as possible. AND she's the best advocate to have on your side - another plus for any buyer or seller. If we didn't have Aubrey on our team, we would have been duped by the listing agent and their team for work that was agreed upon in closing and not completed properly. So do yourself a favor and contact Aubrey if you're looking to buy or sell.

Logan and Alison B.

🥰Oh gosh where to even start with Aubrey!? I could write an entire BOOK on our experience! We recently just bought our very first home with Aubrey and if covid-19 wasn't a thing, I would of licked her face every time we saw her. I'm totally not kidding, this lady deserves a platinum pedestal! We had so many questions for her and she never blinked once at them. She was always there for us! Like, ALWAYS!!!! For emotional support as well. We all know buying or selling a home can be a lot and Aubrey was the perfect person for us. She made the experience about US and was never pushy! She was constantly making sure we felt good and didn't have any further questions for her. One of the things that I absolutely loved about the time that she spent with her was that she taught us SO much. She took the time to show and teach us all about the different houses we looked at. Like seriously? Who does that!!! We weren't rushed at all and that meant so much to us. I can't wait to work with Aubrey again. Although she is definitely thee best realtor out there, I am happy to say she was a great friend to us as well. She really cares about her clients and is a freaking rockstar!!🥰

Charly Sue Johnson

Aubrey made our lives so much easier while we were selling our house. After our first meeting with her, we felt so confident that she would take care of us and be completely truthful and honest. She is extremely confident, professional, accommodating, and personable. We highly recommend Aubrey to anyone buying or selling a house.

Maria Blair

Aubrey set a high standard for what a realtor can do. She is dependable, trustworthy, kind, funny, courteous, strategic, informative, and supplies candor when necessary. Aubrey responds quickly to any questions, issues, or concerns. Her responsiveness was essential as we were first time sellers with little to no clue of the process. Her advice is “priceless.” Aubrey’s ability to interpret both the buyer and seller worked in our favor. It only took a few days before we accepted the best offer. The offer was with a somewhat finicky buyer of which Aubrey helped us stand firm in a very respectable manner. Let’s not get wordy here, but Aubrey is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. #BestRealtor #Aubreyknowsbest

Jacob Halverson

We picked Aubrey because she sold 2 houses on our street for top dollar and each one in a day! And she then sold our house in 1 day as well for over asking price! We loved working with her and miss the almost daily conversations. *We miss you Aubrey!* I just can't say enough great things about her, she's smart, witty, super nice and very professional. She gave us honest insight into what we would need to do to sell our house for the price we wanted - and she was right! She was really prompt on her responses to all of our questions and we really felt like she went above and beyond. She even includes staging in her commission rate which we know really helped our house sell so quickly. We would highly recommend her - she will sell your house QUICK!

Kate Austin

Aubrey.... hmm, where does one even begin... haha. We were VERY lucky to have had Aubrey recommended to us by some friends of ours that had previously worked with her. First things first, we were selling our home and building another. We were completely new to selling a home and more than a little 'green' behind the ears when it came to anything regarding it. One quick phone call many months ago to get the process started and along comes Aubrey with a scrub brush to get that green out from behind both of our ears, post haste. Let me tell you, this wasn't like going to the dentist, it was fun! Not only is Aubrey extremely knowledgeable about all things real-estate(you are, don't roll your eyes haha), she fit our personalities perfectly and it was like selling a home being guided by your 'bestie'. She absolutely had our best interest in mind every step of the way. We had some very off the wall questions initially and she was able to answer them, confidently, and without hesitation. Have I said yet how great of a person she is? I know there are a TON of realtors out there that just go through the motions and will likely get your house sold, and that's fine, it's their job and they can do it how they like, but Aubrey is well above average..Aubrey is awesome. She was our emotional support bear, the hand you hold when heading into the unknown, and moreover a voice of reason calming us down (one more than the other) when we let our fears run wild with questions like: Will this affect the sale? What are the buyers going to be picky about!!??, what if I ate pizza on the couch at 3am and dropped a delicious piece of pepperoni on the carpet that one time 8 years ago and although we've cleaned the carpets you can still see it if you squint from 5 inches away?!?!?!?. Phewwwww, that got away from me. Aubrey took it all in stride and we couldn't have been happier to have met her, worked with her, and subsequently pass along glowing review of her. Now of course i'm a little wordy, but at the end of the day, everything was all handled so professionally, with care, understanding, and confidence in us and the home we were selling that I couldn't recommend Aubrey enough. Contact her and ensure you'll have a great buying or selling experience... or you could go with an alternative... but why not just drop a hammer on your big toe as that's about the same quality of an idea. :) Stick with the pro. Aubrey for president. Thanks SO much Aubrey. Have a 'Sensation!'al day (It's an inside joke.. you had to be there)

Brian and Stephanie

When it comes to real estate, I know almost nothing... however, I know Aubrey Hess, and that is literally ALL I needed to know! She was a tour guide, a critical eye, a confidant, and a trusted friend through the entire process! I literally trusted her with the roof over our heads, and I am so glad we did! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and get to know. PICK HER!

Jennifer & David

Both Buyer + Seller
Aubrey is literally perfect at her job. She made hunting for my first house enjoyable and straight forward! She is incredibly knowledgeable and always honest about whether she thinks a house is right or not. She never pushes, but is honest. She is also great at educating the buyer about the process, and making sure that I understood everything I signed. She is also a pleasure to work with, a downright lovable human being. I closed on my house, but she still answers my messages and recommends people to me to do any projects I have. Her commitment to her job and her clients is awesome, and it doesn't end when the rush is over. Thanks for being awesome Aubrey, I recommend her to everyone :).

Hollie Siebler

We are first time home buyers and when looking for a realtor, we got tons of recommendations. My sister recommended Aubrey and oh. my. gosh. am I glad we chose her. She is SUPER knowledgeable about the market, about the process, about every little thing inside the home, and about us as buyers. She took time to listen to what we wanted, and the process could not of been any easier. It kinda felt like we did nothing (even though we bought a house!). She was super quick to answer any texts or calls and always gave us an answer and then some. I learned so much! Side note: she’s hilarious and has an awesome personality, and we loved that. Honestly, I think all of us are a little upset we found a house so quick because we don’t need to talk and hang out every day now. We will 1000% use her for selling/buying again.

Ashley and Torin Oiness

Aubrey has spoiled us for all other realtors forever! I have never had anyone go so above and beyond as Aubrey did to sell our Omaha house. Her knowledge of every aspect of home buying and selling, from market to inspections to lenders to bargaining to reliable and efficient contractors (and so much more) is unparalleled. Aubrey facilitated an almost entirely seamless process including digital documents and a remote closing so we didn't have to travel back and forth incessantly. We absolutely could not have had anyone better in our corner! Now, if only I could fold this tiny energetic spitfire up and fit her in my pocket to help us find a new house in Colorado...

Erin and Troy (Medina)

Aubrey is awesome, amazing, and super fun to work with whether buying or selling a house! I can’t recommend her enough and appreciate her perfect combination of business savvy and fun personality, both of which virtually eliminate all the stress that comes with house hunting and selling. Please please please call her for all your real estate needs!

David Arrell

Both Buyer + Seller
“Aubrey made our first home buying experience so fun and exciting! She was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had, and knew every answer! She gave us advice that we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves. She was so dedicated to us that she put in our offer while she was going into labor! She goes above and beyond for her clients. We’ll never forget such an amazing experience of buying our first home with her!”

Sam & Allie Walker

I can't say enough good things about Aubrey and all the thought, time and energy she put into our home search. Aubrey was so incredibly knowledgeable about the entire process, from educating us about what to look for in and outside a home, to helping us create competitive offers. She was adamant about finding us a home we were completely in love with and would be in love with for years to come. In addition, she was an incredible help when selling our home. Her tips and advice lead us to sell our home in a weekend! I'd absolutely, without a doubt, recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a new home or sell their current home!

Jill Koepe

Both Buyer + Seller
Being a first time homebuyer and not knowing what to expect at any step of the way didn't matter. Aubrey was patient, thoroughly explained each question I had and did it with a truly caring heart at each house we looked at. She was fun, energetic, experienced and always looking for *our* best interests. I can't say thank you enough for help finding our perfect house to bring our little one home to in the coming months!

Mandi Halverson

Aubrey was super easy to work with, very flexible and understanding, and she made this process a breeze! She is so transparent and really takes the time to explain every piece of paper you are signing, and makes sure you understand anything you are agreeing to 😊 She was the best!! 🏡

Sarah Glover

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