Oh, hello! Are you considering buying or selling a home in the Omaha area?

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Bring the people. I want to sell my house. (button)
Bring both. I want to sell and buy a home. (button)
Bring the people. I want to sell my house. (button)
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Buying or selling a home can cause excitement, stress, and nervousness...all at once. I get it. As your Realtor, I'm here to listen to you and do the heavy lifting (except for moving boxes, let's get some help with that!).

I'll be your transparent, professional partner to represent your best interests by educating you every step of the way, making YOU the real estate expert in your own move.

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I can't say enough good things about Aubrey and all the thought, time and energy she put into our home search. Aubrey was so incredibly knowledgeable about the entire process, from educating us about what to look for in and outside a home, to helping us create competitive offers. She was adamant about finding us a home we were completely in love with and would be in love with for years to come. In addition, she was an incredible help when selling our home. Her tips and advice lead us to sell our home in a weekend! I'd absolutely, without a doubt, recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a new home or sell their current home!

Jill Koepe
Both Buyer & Seller
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Why work with


Realtor turned friend

When you buy or sell a home, you're stuck with your agent for at least 30 days, so you might as well like the person you hire! 92% of my business comes from past clients who are cool enough (and appreciate my terrible puns enough) to repeat the process with me or refer their friends my way. I love that most of my clients have become great friends who trust me to help those they know.

Empathetic to your experience

Isn't moving the worst?! Even when everything goes perfectly, moving can still be so stressful. Here's what helps: knowing what to expect. I'll educate you every step of the way to make this move as great as it can be. You deserve to know exactly how a home works, from the type of roofing shingle to the age of the water heater when buying a home. As a seller, you are entrusting me with your most valuable asset. I promise to share all the behind-the-scenes real estate stuff with you. So don't feel weird asking any questions – even the awkward money questions.

Creative negotiation, so you get the best deal

Contracts are tricky, and there are several points of negotiation that occur even after a deal is struck. I think ahead and minimize, or even eliminate, the negotiating power of the other side so you get the best deal.

Ego-free (or at least greatly reduced) experience

It’s not about me, and guess what? I realize that. I’m here for you.

Great Rolodex of contractors

I’ve kissed a ton of contractor frogs to get to the great list of people I have today, and I’m proud to refer you to the best of the best. Count on me to refer you to honest, hard-working, and fairly-priced people to help you with that anything-that-needs-fixing list. Whether you need a fence installed the first week you own your home or if you need a new water heater after twenty years, I can help.

Experienced Realtor since 2006

I managed to sell a whopping 3 homes my first year in real estate because I was afraid of my shadow, but now I love what I do, and after selling over 700 homes, I think this whole real estate thing is working out for me. I have been through extreme buyer, seller, and neutral markets. Learning negotiating tactics through all of these environments has allowed me to help my clients even more.

Easy for other realtors to work with

Remember the reduced ego thing above? Well, it helps to get along with other agents and encourages a smoother deal. No agent wants to work with the realtors who label themselves as pitbull or unyielding. I’ve maintained respectful and solid relationships with other local agents (veterans and rookies alike), so I can perform on the best platform for your benefit.

Part of the fastest-growing brokerage in Omaha

I am honored to be invited to work with Better Homes & Gardens | The Good Life Group. We celebrate having the highest production per agent in the city, and it’s a privilege to rub elbows with some of the best real estate talent in the metro area.
Since 2006, I have helped my buyer clients purchase their homes for
‍of the asking price on average.
(I help them get a deal.)
Since 2006, I have helped my seller clients score
of their asking price on average.
(This is actually a real statistic, but it looks like I made it up, huh. Nope, it's for real.)
Homes sold since 2006.
(Average agents sell 9-12 homes per year.)
Of my business comes from repeat clients or referrals from family, friends, or past clients (turned friends).
happy couple standing in front of their new house

Let's get you moving in the right direction.

I'd love to help you. Call me so we can have a good 'ol fashioned conversation.
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